Initiatives for the 10th Anniversary 1978-1988

The Accademia Aldo Moro promoted some initiatives for the 10th Anniversary of Moro’s death. The main one was the international conference entitled “Aldo Moro: State and society”, held in Rome from 9 to 12 November 1988, with the participation of scholars of various disciplines, observers and political operators, both Italian and foreign.

The conference focused on the issue of the topicality of Moro and the need to find a historical-political “truth” of the statesman which transcends the albeit necessary particular or specialist views (juridical, political or of other kind). The initiative also highlighted the international dimension of Aldo Moro’s work.

The Accademia also promoted the theatrical recital "New times are upon us", held in Rome on 19 May 1988.

Aldo Moro: State and society – International Conference – Rome, November 9-12 1988


New times are upon us – theatrical recital – Rome, Teatro Argentina 19 May 1988.