Assistance for degree course studies and theses

The Accademia has, from the very beginning, provided assistance to university undergraduates for the compilation of degree theses concerning the figure and works of Aldo Moro, mainly in the fields of history, law and the social sciences.

Over the years, the staff of the Accademia have provided assistance to students of many Italian universities by providing bibliographic indications and reasoned bibliographies, by making available texts and documents of the Accademia’s archives and library, by finding information for any in-depth study of the topics dealt with in the theses (further sources to be consulted, even abroad, like books and documents, film footage and photographic materials, scholars and witnesses).

The Accademia has also provided this form of assistance to Italian and foreign scholars and researchers for their works concerning Aldo Moro and the subject areas of interest for the Accademia itself.