Initiatives under the patronage of the Accademia

Within the itinerary marking the 30th anniversary of Aldo Moro’s death, the Accademia has supported events of particular importance organised by other subjects during the year in order to commemorate the statesman.

These events included the cultural programme that the Istituto di scienze religiose Giovanni XXIII dedicated to Aldo Moro, starting with the installation-exhibition of historical film footage “Moro, l’Italia, la coscienza. Trittico 1978-2008”, scheduled in many Italian cities.
Poster of the triptych
Article on the exhibition

The Accademia also patronised some conferences focusing on Aldo Moro’s thought and work, and these were held in Iseo (Brescia), on the initiative of the review “L’autonomia”, and in S. Pellegrino Terme (Bergamo), under the aegis of the municipal government, respectively on 10 and 11 May. On both occasions, the conferences were followed by two concerts, the first in the Teatro Grande of Brescia and the second at the Donizetti theatre of Bergamo, scheduled within the 45th Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli International Piano Festival.
Invitation to the Bergamo concert
Invitation to the Bergamo initiative
Invitation to the Brescia concert
Invitation to the Brescia initiative
Invitation to the Iseo conference

Finally, the Accademia supported the in-depth study and research initiative entitled "Per non dimenticare Aldo Moro, per conoscere la nostra Storia" (Lest we forget Aldo Moro, to know our History), conducted by the Centro di Documentazione Archivio Flamigni, in cooperation with Cedost of Bologna. Amongst other things, the initiative envisages roundtable sessions, theatrical performances and editorial initiatives as well as the dissemination of materials taken from the Centre’s archives.
Article on the in-depth study schedule
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Invitation to the Viterbo initiative

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