The Itinerary Programme

The Itinerary Programme of the 30th Anniversary commemoration, which was started in 2007, includes a series of public initiatives, such as:

The roundtable entitled “European responsibility. The need and the urgency to bring to completion the constitution process for a united Europe”, held in Rome on 9 May 2007, which saw the participation of Mino Martinazzoli, Massimo D'Alema and Pierferdinando Casini.

Two main initiatives have been organised in 2008:
• The roundtable entitled “Aldo Moro between memory and history”, held in Rome on 9 May, with the participation of Alfonso Alfonsi, Franco Frattini, Alberto Melloni, Agnese Moro, Renato Moro and Francesco Rutelli;
• The International Conference “The governance of societies in the 21st century. Thinking back to Aldo Moro”, held in Rome on 17-20 November.

The Accademia has also supported events of particular importance organised by other subjects during the year in order to commemorate the figure of Aldo Moro. It is also taking part in many meetings, conferences and initiatives programmed all over Italy by other organisations in order to commemorate and honour Aldo Moro.

The drafting of the 30th Anniversary programme saw the contribution of the School of Sociology and Human Sciences (SSSU) of Rome, the SSSU had dealt with certain key themes of the 30th Anniversary commemoration. In the academic year 2006-07, and namely: power; authority and the consensus of contemporary societies; constituent processes; the quality of leaderships. This reflection continued into academic year 2007-08 by more deeply studying themes such as: the sociology of political systems in post-modern societies; the figure of Aldo Moro in historiographic research; the relationship between religion and democracy; constituent processes.

Presentation Note